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How Do You Recover YouTube Removed Videos?

How Do You Recover YouTube Removed Videos?

YouTube is a popular search engine and the largest platform for creating, uploading, and sharing video content. Having above 37 million channels, YouTube’s video catalog features billions of videos. It’s the 2nd most visited site in the world, while 37% of all internet traffic belongs to it.

You may also have a channel on this giant platform, where 3.25 billion hours of video content is watched each month. And one or many videos of yours may disappear from your YouTube channel. The same happened with YouTube Content Creation Agency San Francisco more than once.

Why You Can Lose Your YouTube Channel Videos?

YouTube is an independent video database being run under distinctive rules, regulations, and policies. It sometimes deletes videos but always for a strong reason. In most cases, video of a YouTuber is lost due to the violation of the website’s terms and conditions. Resultantly, YouTube takes down the video of the uploader.

However, according to the YouTube Channel Management Agency San Francisco, there could be other reasons as well behind the misplacement of YouTube videos.

1)      User Negligence

A negligent user can get its videos easily deleted by YouTube because the website has a very strict approach towards its terms and conditions. If you uploaded an inappropriate video or committed a copyright violation, be ready for the deletion of your video.

2)      Issue with Google Account

You can also lose your videos if you deleted your Google account associated with your YouTube channel. If you’ve deleted your Google account, you’ll no longer be able to access videos on your channel.

3)      Deleted Mistakenly

To err is human. You can accidentally delete your YouTube videos. Of all the misplacement cases of videos, more than 15% are deleted by users mistakenly.

Whatever the cause of deletion, let’s learn how you can recover the removed YouTube videos.

Best Ways to Recover YouTube Removed Videos

There are just a few authentic ways to recover lost YouTube videos. We’re mentioning only those recommended by the YouTube Content Creation Agency San Francisco.

●       Use YouTube Support

If you’ve got a channel with above 10,00 views, or you’re in the partnership program, then you can use YouTube Support to recover your removed videos. Follow these steps to contact the Support:

STEP 1: Click on the ‘Help’ button after logging in to your YouTube channel.

STEP 2: Select ‘Need more help’ and then ‘Get Creator Support’.

STEP 3: Select ‘Email Support’ from the sub-categories and then click on the ‘Contact the Creator Support Team’ link. Here, tell the whole story of your removed videos and you’ll be given your videos back.

●       Use Internet Archive

Follow the steps below to recover your removed videos:

STEP 1: Go to and enter the URL of the lost YouTube video in the search bar, and click on ‘Browse History’.

STEP 2: Find and download the respective video from the YouTube video add history.

Don’t have the URL of the lost video? Worry not. To get the URL of the lost YouTube video, log in to your YouTube channel, and look for the data about videos you had uploaded previously. Here you can find the URL of all the previously uploaded videos.

●       Use Backup

If you failed to recover your YouTube files from the website, you have the option to recover the missing videos using backups. In this way, you’ll be able to recover the original files of the YouTube videos you lost.

If you couldn’t recover the original videos using the backup, you can install any reputed data recovery software to recover the original files of the removed YouTube videos.

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