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IMMI- Media Digital Marketing Agency

The Immigrant Magazine On-line at is the parent company of IMMI-MEDIA Marketing Services Agency.

It is the number 1 portal for immigrants in the USA as well as the global community from Europe, Africa, and Asia, N.America the Middle East etc. seeking news and information relative to their needs and interests.

Further broken into ethnic dichotomies it provides content tailored to specific ethnic communities which has been a draw and hub for marketing to specific demographics.

It is leveraged for clients seeking these markets.

We will do the following:

  • Publish articles for clients at
  • Place the client’s banner on the home page and if required on the page of desired demographic.
  • Use Facebook for special announcements.
  • Place client’s ad on our weekly newsletter.
  • Introduce clients via special press releases to our entire database/target market.
  • Banner placements on the page of relevance on our website.
  • Make clients a sponsor of events created by The Immigrant Magazine.
  • Customize to accommodate each client’s needs and budget.

About Our Services

We are reliable and provide only the best-in-class modern video production, copied content, media planning & distribution, influencer marketing and more.

We provide a customized marketing approach including the following platforms:

○ Digital marketing
○ Search engine optimization
○ Social media optimization
○ Lead generation
○ Content creation, management and advertising



If you are confused about starting? Not to worry! Just schedule a call with us. We are ready to help you😊