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Technical SEO Checklist In 2021

Technical SEO Checklist in 2021

Technical SEO is the first and most crucial step in setting up the SEO strategy for any website. For this, a technical SEO checklist is essential to ensure a higher rank in search results and get more organic coverage.

But do you know what technical SEO is and how does it affect your website performance?

Technical SEO is the aggregate of the strategies that help rank the website better with a better user experience. It also helps to remove any technical issues related structure, speed, and user experience of the website.

Technical SEO Checklist in 2021

To address the technical SEO in 2021-22, you need to consider a few things. We have arranged those important considerations in our checklist for better understanding.

1. Monitoring Crawl Errors

Search engines crawl the websites regularly for collecting the data and monitor the website for new content. But sometimes, the search engine “bots” have a hard time viewing your website. Therefore, monitoring for crawl errors is crucial in our technical SEO checklist.

If Google or Bing bot cannot view your page, then there is no chance that your website can rank. To get over these issues, you need to check the robot.txt file. If it contains the strings to block the spider, you better fix it ASAP.

2. Checking Website According to Google POV

The content you present on the website should look the same for the search engine and user. However, sometimes the search engine cannot access your website properly. Hence it is an essential factor in our technical SEO checklist.

To address the issues, ensure that search engines can crawl and see all your website content. You can visit the GSC and utilize the “Inspect URL” feature. It will help you identify the problematic pages that are not accessible to the search engine.

3. Ensuring Mobile Friendly Website

Search engine giant “Google” is focusing on mobile-friendly pages with their “Mobile-First Index.” It means that your website will not rank higher in the search results if it is not optimized for mobile.

However, you can quickly achieve a mobile-friendly status with little technical knowledge. You can use Google Mobile-Friendly Test to check whether your website is mobile-friendly or not. If it passes the test, you are good to go or vice versa.

4. Identify and Fix Broken Links

Broken links can hurt the website ranking as the search engine identify them as bad signals. It is one of the most important considerations in our technical SEO checklist. You need to identify all those bad links that are affecting your website’s health.

The easiest way to find the 404 or bad links is to audit the Google Search Council website. It alerts the webmaster about the bad links so that they can address the issue timely.

5. Use HTTPS Protocol

HTTPS is a confirmed ranking signal for the website, and Google prefers the websites using the protocol. Getting the HTTPS is easier to obtain as most hosting provides give free HTTPS for the website. You can shift your website to HTTPS today without hurting your website ranking.

That’s all from our technical SEO checklist. If you want an in-depth audit of your site, then you can get a free consultation from the Immi-Media digital marketing agency here at We offer the best solutions for website advertisement and provide services related to paid and organic online marketing.

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