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How To Download Videos From Instagram

How to Download Videos from Instagram

It is not unusual when you need to download Instagram videos to your favorite video collection. It is quite trendy nowadays to download and share videos to share as status or posts.

Although Instagram does not encourage downloading the videos directly due to copyright claims, there are certain convenient ways like download manager and video download apps that allow you to download your desired videos.

Download Instagram Videos on PC

There are two ways to download videos from Instagram, which we are listing here:

Method 1: Using Source Code

It is a somewhat tricky method for newbies. It involves inspecting the source code of the video page and then finding the download link.

a) To start with the process, go to the Instagram video page.

b) Now right click on the page and select Inspect Element from the context menu.

c) Use Ctrl + F keys to open the search dialogue.

d) In the search box, type “mp4” to filter out the options.

e) Copy a link that ends with the .mp4

f) Use the link to paste into the browser as a URL and then download the video.

Method 2: Using an Online Service

This method to download Instagram videos is more straightforward than the above method. It involves using an online tool like DownloadVideosFrom to get the video download link.

a) Go to DownloadVideosFrom and paste the URL of the Instagram video.

b) Now click on the download mp4 video.

c) It will download and convert the video for the user.

d) You can also download only the mp3 version of the Instagram video using an online download manager.

Download Instagram videos on Android

Download Instagram videos on Android is relatively more straightforward. As soon as you play the video, it gets downloaded to the local storage. You only have to find the place where the mobile saves the videos.

Method 1: Download Instagram videos from the app cache

This method is excellent for Android devices. It involves watching the Instagram video till the end to let the phone grab the cache of the video. Once you complete watching the video, use the following steps.

a) Open the File Manager on the Android phone,

b) Now navigate to the Android>data>>cache>videos.

c) You can find all the videos that you played on your Instagram.

d) Don’t delete the cache after watching the videos to access them.

Method 2: Using a third-party app

If you don’t want to deal with all the hefty processes, you can use this reliable method to download Instagram videos. It involves using the Instagram Video Downloader, which is free and easier.

The app is more initiative and free from annoying ads. There are some ads on the apps however do not interfere much with the functioning.

a) Inside the Instagram app, open the video that you want to download.

b) Now tap on the three vertical dots on the right corner of the app.

c) From these options, select “Copy Link.”

d) Now paste the copied link into the video download app.

e) It will download Instagram videos and save them into the gallery of your phone.

Downloading Instagram videos is easier than most people think. It only needs the right tools and apps to get your favorite video downloaded. If you are a social media influencer and want to utilize video for marketing, you can use services by Immi-Media to get better coverage of your content and ranking. Contact us for a free consultation at Immi-Media digital marketing agency,

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