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YouTube, Creative Video Profile Production & Distribution

If you want to be famous or become a celebrity through your service or brand, we can make you or your business stand out as a leader or expert in your field. We will take you from concept including research and writing, pre-production, production, post-production, distribution and marketing.

Youtube Advertising Services

Youtube Channel Creation

Create a YouTube channel and enable the monetization button for earning sources.

Thumbnail Optimization

Thumbnails attractive users and help to increase the click rate.

Video Optimization

We do video optimization for the top position on YouTube.

Marketing & Distribution

A big part of promoting your video comes before the first viewer watches your clip. We will engage all our marketing resources to guarantee maximum visibility for your profile. We will distribute your profile via or website, newsletter and all our social media feeds including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and niche community social media platforms relevant to your demographic.
We specialize in the following:

  • Personal Profiles

  • Business Profiles

  • Community Profiles

We will not only create a beautiful and effective message that celebrates your business, community or personal accomplishments but also make sure that your story reaches its target audience. It is essential that you stand out in the massive world of digital entertainment by customizing and directing the message in a way that your target customers understand. We will get your story out by amplifying our optimization tools for maximum ROI.

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Channel Management

Ongoing management using YouTube’s best practices will ensure the highest organic exposure for your videos. We handle all the technical and marketing aspects so you can focus on creating great content.

YouTube Channel Management Includes:

  • SEO(search engine optimization) for your Video Titles, Descriptions and Tags.

  • Including Calls-To-Action in videos.

  • Playlist Creation & Curation.

  • In-Video Programming (promotes a video across your channel).

  • Annotations for linking between videos •Content Strategy.

  • Data Analysis with Monthly Reports.

Targeted Video Media Buying

Well executed paid media is essential in getting a new video off the ground and amplifying one that is already well-performing. We’ve developed a proprietary YouTube targeting tool that allows us to show your ads only to the most relevant audience and optimize in real-time.

Targeted Video Media Buying Includes:

  • Identify specific videos to advertise on

  • Target location, age, gender, topics and more

  • YouTube Terms of Service Compliant

  • Skippable ads with no charge when skipped

  • Detailed campaign report

Our Works

At Immi-Media, we have expertise in assisting organizations with presenting their brand, interface with their intended interest group, and build up a viable advertising methodology. Here’s just some of what we accomplished.

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