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Linkbuilding: Are Backlinks Still Working In 2021?

Linkbuilding: Are Backlinks Still Working in 2021?

Backlinks are of dire importance to search engine optimization as they are the building blocks of the Google PageRank algorithm. Experts say that backlinks are directly proportional to the traffic on your website. Nowadays, a lot of time and resources are wasted in creating futile backlinks which are ignored by Google. Backlinks from high-quality sites which aren’t sponsored are the most valuable ones as Google uses these to determine where your site ranks.

So without further ado, let’s look into how backlinks in 2021 can improve sight ranking.

Organic Links – Better Ranking

When you search for something on Google, you will notice that well-known sites appear on top of the first results page. These are called Authority sites as they have a number of backlinks from reliable websites. These backlinks are called organic links. Organic links are backlinks to your site by well-reputed, unsponsored sites.

Your backlink authority is measured by the domain rating. Your target should be to increase this Domain rating. The higher the backlink strength, the better your site will rank.

Better SEO will Accumulate More backlinks

The more backlinks you generate to your site, the better your search engine optimization will be. On the other hand, better SEO will result in getting more backlinks from other sites.

A study has shown that the number one result on Google Search has an average of 4 times more backlinks than the second result. This indicates that the better your SEO is, the more organic backlinks you’ll accumulate.

It is important to note that your site presentation should also be good. Having a powerful presentation along with good content will boost your rankings for sure.

Backlinks from Different Sites

Organic links from different sites are a big win in the Search Engine Rankings game. Backlinks from each site indicate that your content is approved and relevant.

A Large number of backlinks from different sites are better than a large number of backlinks from one site. It has been proved that the number of domains linking to your page is correlated to the overall site rankings.

However, an important thing to note here is that getting a large number of organic links from one site is way better than getting them from different feeble sites.

How to Get High-Quality Backlinks in 2021?

Now that you know how important backlinks are in 2021, let’s talk about how you can generate them.

Some of the easiest ways are listed below:

Guest columns

If you publish content on some reputable website, you can link your own website to it. This generates a powerful backlink.

Asking for a link

You can ask a blog or website to link to your site. If they agree, a backlink will be generated. Remember that this is a rather straightforward tactic.

Broken link building

Broken link building involves finding defective backlinks on other blogs and advising them to fix it with a link to a page on your site.

To summarize, backlinks in 2021 can determine your site’s search engine ranking greatly.

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