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How Important Is Technical SEO

How Important is Technical SEO

Every website needs proper optimization and SEO strategy to rank well in the search engines. Websites have several moving parts; they require regular monitoring against these components to get things going well.

Technical SEO is one such component that is crucial for the website ranking in the search engine. It is a sub-category of search engine optimization that mainly focuses on optimizing the structure of the website.

If any website is not well structured or has poor navigation, you may not see the sweet No. 1 position on the search engine ranking. Technical is important to make the website free from navigational and structure issues and align with the guidelines set by the search engines.

Why Technical SEO?

With more than 200 ranking factors to follow, many website owners overlook technical search engine optimization. It is as important as engaging content and off-page SEO but seems complicated for the newbies. We cannot ignore the importance of the technical side of SEO as it helps in better crawling and understanding of the content by the search engine, which provides higher ranks in the search results.

There are several components of technical SEO that helps to make the website fast, responsive, well structured, user-friendly, easy to navigate, and mobile-friendly. If the website owner ignores it, the website seems sluggish, less attractive, takes longer loading time, and does not please the visitors in more than one way.

Advantages of Technical SEO

There are several benefits a webmaster gets from a well-planned technical search engine optimization. Some of these include:

a) It results in increased crawling and indexing of the website by the search engine.

b) The user-friendly website allows the user to access the website more easily.

c) It adheres the website to the Google algorithms and best practices for content optimization.

d) It keeps the website accessible while ensuring its safety and security.

e) Technical SEO is important for loading the website quickly.

f) It develops a URL structure that is user-friendly and short.

g) It makes navigation easier and more understandable.

h) Eliminates any elements or designs that deter the user experience.

i) Connect all ends of the website and remove any 404 links from the website.

j) It helps the data from the web pages to appear in the search results.

k) It helps set up the robot.txt file to help the search engine understand crawl and index content.

l) Creating and modifying the sitemap for better indexing in the search engine.

In short, doing technical aspects of SEO helps the website get better for the users to explore the content, and search engines better understand and index the website in the search results.

When do you need Technical SEO?

If you plan to run a new site or have an already established website, technical SEO is important for ranking the website higher in the search results. It is not rocket science and involves a simple audit using the SEO checklist.

Most of the technical issues related to SEO are easy to solve with basic knowledge. However, an SEO specialist can handle the problems better and address your issues. You can get technical assistance by acquiring Immi Media services to get the search engine ranking you need for your website. Contact us for a free consultation at

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