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At Immi-Media

At Immi-Media, we specialise in helping businesses introduce their brand, connect with their target audience, and develop an effective marketing strategy. Here’s just some of what we accomplished.

Marketing Agency


Our e-mail and online campaigns constitute a very vital aspect of our marketing. Our combination of weekly newsletter announcements, Facebook, email distribution, press releases a greattool in our marketing strategy to get your brand and product into the eyes and hands of potential clients. We can target our marketing campaigns to accommodate ethnicity, gender, and social levels. It all depends on your needs and budget. Our tools include our brand website at and The Immigrant Magazine Weekly Newsletter and Affiliates.

Marketing Consultant

Our Package Includes: (Online Banners, Video Advertising/Marketing, Newsletter and Social Media Marketing)

Text Ad and Link in The Immigrant Magazine weekly email blast.

  • Announcements of events and upcoming special celebrations.
  • Postings of events or special announcements on various websites for more visibility on our website as well as using the newest sharing tools available online.
  • Press Releases-We possess the database of various ethnic and mainstream media outlets to whom we reach out for PR for our clients. Press releases are sent to over 100 freelance and media personalities as well as all consulates and embassies related to the client or as desired by the client.
A Few of Our Trusted Clients